• Summer Academy

    The five week Summer Program is designed to give participants a college-like experience. Students take a variety of courses such as Writing Composition, English Literature, Chemistry, Geology and Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Algebra, Calculus, Music Theory and Appreciation and many others. All instruction is individualized as much as possible to provide optimum assistance for personalized development. Field trips and other planned activities provide additional enrichment.

    Summer services include:

    • Academic courses for potential high school credit
    • Educational field trips
    • One week residential living experience on campus
    • Study group sessions

    The program differs from the regular school year as students enjoy a four hour day program with four classes in the morning and extended days, two days per week with two classes or a summer academy activity in the afternoon. During the last week of the summer program, students experience life in the dormitory and live on campus for a week. Eligible students take an annual Study Trip to gain cultural experiences. In the past, students have traveled to Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Puerto Rico.

  • Curriculum

    Academic Advising: one-on-one discussions with a staff advisor to create and assess a performance plan, as well as review and revise a plan with high school support staff.

    Individual Counseling: participate in program counseling assessment, and complete counseling sessions based on social development needs, risk factors, staff referrals, or community referrals.

    Skills Instruction: learn and practice SQ3R reading strategies, complete online ACT prep drills, and test taking skills builders, develop rhetorical skills by completing weekly essays, participate in math and science tutoring with MSU college interns.

    Community Service: complete 18 hours of staff approved, student selected service projects, and participate in online mentoring program.

    Cultural Enrichment: attend plays, musicals, and national speakers at Michigan State University’s Wharton Center for Performing Arts and in the local community.

    Senior College Prep Workshops: visit prospective colleges, participate in on-the-spot MSU admissions session, submit a minimum of 3 college applications, complete FAFSA, attend a career fair, and submit weekly scholarship applications.

    Financial Literacy: reinforce summer workshop topics, develop budgeting scenarios for home-ownership and investing, discuss opening a savings and checking account.

    Careers Exploration: Career fair will take place to share information from STEM fields and other career areas.

  • Community Service

    Each Upward Bound student is required to complete 18 hours of community service for the academic year.

    Common Volunteering Activities

    There are several types of Community Service that are NOT accepted or approved:

    • Babysitting
    • Household chores
    • Restaurant work (unless it is a fundraiser on behalf of the poor)
    • Work for family members or neighbors
    • Working with school sports teams
    • Work in classrooms
  • Scholarships

    Upward Bound Legacy Scholarship

    The Upward Bound Legacy Scholarship is awarded every year to eligible students. The scholarship is for qualified students from the Upward Bound Program at Michigan State University who are accepted to this University if it is determined that they need additional assistance to cover tuition. The scholarship is awarded in the amount of $10,000.

    Pre-College Achievement Scholarships

    Pre-College Achievement Scholarships (PAS) are awarded each year to a maximum of sixty 8th-10th graders who have attended a pre-college program at MSU. Awards are $2,000 each and students are only eligible to apply once to win. To be eligible, students must be entering 8th, 9th, or 10th grade in the fall. The scholarship will be applied towards the student’s first year at MSU as a degree-seeking student. Scholarship recipients are not guaranteed admission to MSU and are expected to meet admission requirements following their junior year of high school.

    Dr. and Mrs. Yokoyama Endowment Award

    The Dr. and Mrs. Yokoyama Endowment Award is awarded every year to eligible students.