Upward Bound Partners with Digication


Reflective learning has been an emphasis in the Upward Bound program this summer. Courtesy of Digication, students have a platform to reflect upon their experiences both in and out of the classroom. Through Digication, students can create their own e-Portfolio where they can customize their profile and share personal reflections. These e-Portfolios give students an opportunity to practice typing and computer skills. Some students may upload personal photos and others may write about their future goals. Upward Bound allows students to be creative and honest with their reflections. One student utilized this program by talking about their aspirations for the summer,

“This summer of Upward Bound I want to learn a lot more and ask as many questions as possible to get the right answers. With this, I will be able to be more social, focused and have an incentive to want to learn more. When I accomplish the thought to want to learn and ask questions often, it will get me closer and closer to my dream plans.” -Thomas W., Senior.



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