Sartorius Swift

Sartorius Sadowsky photoSartorius Swift

Eastern High School, Lansing, MI – Class of 1999

I didn’t know anyone that had been to college when I was a kid, so Upward Bound was important for me because it gave me my first insight into higher education.  I knew I wanted to go to college, but had no idea what to expect.  I was the first in my family to graduate from college, and with a double major degree.

Upward Bound helped prepare me for college by giving me an overall understanding of what to expect from college.  I was excited about attending college and to experience college life.  Because of the experience I gained with Upward Bound, I knew what to expect from moving into my dorm to finding my classes, to understanding a syllabus.

I have so many great memories from my time in Upward Bound, so it is hard to choose just one favorite.  One of my fondest memories was going to New York City to see Miss Saigon on Broadway.  Because of that experience, I still enjoy going to musicals to this day.

Upward Bound was helpful to me in my career by providing the foundation and building blocks to achieve and continue with my higher education.  I am actually in school now in an APA program, taking classes to qualify to sit for the BCBA to establish myself one day as a certified behavior analyst.

I earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from MSU and I currently work as a Behavioral Therapist at Sadowsky Autism Services.  In this position, I work one-on-one with children on the Autism spectrum in a home or classroom setting.

Upward Bound was a great opportunity and a wonderful experience.  I am very thankful that I got to participate in the program.

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