Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is Upward Bound’s own student government. The SAC coordinates group community service activities, attends out-of-town leadership conferences, and plans student trips to locations such as Six Flags and Chicago!

Student Advisory Council enjoys Chicago!

Student Advisory Council enjoys Chicago!

Being in Upward Bound says a lot when applying to colleges, and being an active member on its Student Advisory Council says even more.  Members of the SAC speak for the student body. The Upward Bound  staff always values their input and ideas.  Now is the time to take control of the student voice and start making things happen!

Students are eligible for the SAC if they have at least eighty percent attendance from last year, have met the 18 hours of community service requirement, and have earned a 2.0 GPA or higher.  We are looking for leaders who are respectful to teachers and peers, are supportive of others, and are positive role models.

If you know you meet all of the above requirements, and would like the staff to consider you as a candidate, sign-up for the SAC.