Program Requirements

















MSU Upward Bound Participant Minimum Requirements:

1. In attendance for 16 sessions.

2. 100% completion of the 18 hours required for the Community Service component.

3. One cultural enrichment activity per semester.

4. 90% of the tutorial session points.

5. 10 progress reports.

6. Overall GPA of 2.00 or above.

7. Parent Participation in a minimum of two activities per year.

Bonus Stipends: stipends will NOT be issued for any student who has not met the community service requirement by the deadline date. All non-probation students will receive a $5 stipend per week if they have met requirements 1-3, and 5 above (stipends are received monthly).

Upward Bound offers all students academic advising consisting of developing and reviewing the 4 year high school plan for each student to assess for college and career ready curriculum, as well as developing personalized time management, goal-setting, test-taking, and study strategies.