Academic School Year


Upward Bound students return to campus weekly to participate in tutorial sessions, academic counseling, and enrichment activities. Tutoring and academic counseling is provided by the professional staff, MSU upperclassmen, and graduate students. Enrichment activities include speakers from traditional and non-traditional career areas, visits from college and university recruiters, group discussions, and field trips.

Students are transported from their high schools and meet as scheduled on Monday afternoons at various campus locations.

Monday Sessions start at 3:15 p.m. and end at 5:30 p.m. Students are taught study skills they may apply when doing their homework and a variety of pre-college courses. Students are transported to stops near their homes at the end of the session.

2016-17 Student Handbook can be downloaded here: 2016-17 Student Handbook

What is a typical Monday?

  • Training of Tutors
    A member of the Upward Bound staff meets with tutors prior to students’ arrival. This training includes a review of study strategies to be taught to students, role play situations, distribution of materials, and other instructions for the afternoon.
  • Tutorial Sessions
    Groups of students meet in classrooms to receive study skills training and tutorial assistance.
  • Computers
    Computers are available for students to conduct research and to work on assignments.
  • Speakers and Special Activities
    Professionals are invited to speak to our students on topics of interest. Special activities include the Career Fair, Heritage Celebrations, Mentoring, and more.
  • Student Advisory Council Meetings
    The Student Advisory Council meets on a regular basis to plan activities and to talk about matters of interest to the student body.
  • Distribution of Stipends
    Students receive a stipend of $5 a week for their participation and fulfillment of Upward Bound requirements for Monday Sessions.
  • Mentoring
    Participating Upward Bound students are matched with Michigan State University faculty, staff, graduate and college students.
  • Grade Advising
    Upward Bound staff meet with the students after each marking period to review their performance in each subject. Extra tutoring and one-on-one help is made available to those students who perform below average in one or more subjects.
  • Curriculum Advising
    Upward Bound students follow a college preparatory curriculum. Advising takes place before students sign-up and complete their schedules in their schools.