Student Support

In addition to academic support, MSU’s Upward Bound Program offers counseling opportunities for all our youth.

MSU Upward Bound Counseling Opportunities:

Ms. GriffinTraining Sessions: with invited MSU Counseling center staff, these sessions will provide guidelines for handling critical situations, discuss signs and symptoms of a problem, discuss making referrals, schedule group and individual counseling sessions, including the university counseling staff and staff from local community agencies.

Individual Counseling Sessions: the program counselor will meet with referred students to make an assessment of the student’s needs. The counselor will work with parents, community agency counselors, and MSU counselors as the situation dictates. The counselor will meet with every student, one-on-one, at least once during the summer component.

Referrals are also available for students to outside practitioners, as needed.

Professional Group Counseling: group counseling will be offered as a workshop to embrace a nontraditional approach to addressing personal needs in a structured learning setting. It is designed to provide a core of information, stimulate discussions, and get students to think critically about issues relevant to their social, intellectual, and personal development. These workshops will be a part of the daily course schedule during the six weeks of summer.

Workshop Student Learning Objectives:
Examine various ways to resolve personal and social conflicts.
Learn about other cultures.
Learn effective interpersonal skills.
Learn how to manage anxiety and anger.
Learn how to make mature and responsible decisions.