Service Learning

In 2001, the academic component of Upward Bound began its first service learning project.   

This is a project that requires students to partner with their communities. These young people develop relationships with caring adults at a time in their lives when they are seeking to discover a world outside of the home and school.

Lisa Phan painted this mural for her service learning.

Lisa Phan painted this mural for her service learning.

The students help their communities by tutoring, building structures, taking care of gardens in local public parks, painting murals to beautify the community, and other volunteer work. 

Our students work in Lansing’s summer programs, write structured reflections, and compile all they have learned–during one specified period of time–into a powerpoint presentation.  These students work, reflect, and seek ways to better their communities. Our students learn they can make a difference when they network with school and community-based organizations. Their purpose is to help develop and implement their suggestions for improvement in the communities and abroad.