Upward Bound offers an opportunity for its students to gain skills by helping put together its newsletter, which is scheduled to be published during each academic program year, and summer program session. If you are an Upward Bound student and are interested in getting involved with the newsletter committee in any capacity (photographer, journalist, graphic designer, social media manager, or assistant editor), please contact the Upward Bound Office. Parents, community members, and alumni are also welcome to help with the newsletter.

Our first edition was published in the summer of 2013 with the assistance of two Upward Bound juniors–Savannah and Elicia–who went through the process of applying and interviewing to be selected for their positions. The newsletter was fortunate to have the leadership of Rita Hourani, who served as an Upward Bound Public Relations Intern, as its graphic designer and editor.

Current Newsletter(s):



Spring Semester 2016


Past Newsletters:

Academic School Year 2013-2014

Summer Session 2013