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Upward Bound Program Definition and Funding Level: The Upward Bound Program at MSU is a federally funded program designed to help disadvantaged youths–with academic potential–develop and refine skills for post-secondary education. Upward Bound programs are funded in four year cycles.

Eligibility and Recruitment Eligibility for the Upward Bound Program is based on three factors:
1. Academic Potential as reflected in a student’s grades, test scores, self-profile, and recommendations from teachers/counselors.
2. Income Level as defined by Federal Poverty Guidelines.
3. First Generation Status: all students must be from families in which neither parent has received a bachelor’s degree at the time of admittance. Federal guidelines permit Upward Bound Programs to admit up to one-third of their student population on a first generation basis only.

Students who meet the eligibility criteria are referred to the MSU Upward Bound staff by high school guidance counselors. Recruitment meetings are held at Eastern, Everett, and Sexton High Schools. All ninth & tenth graders may apply.

Admission: As part of the admission process, there is a required three-week probationary period of participation. During this period, an assessment of the student’s willingness to develop his/her potential is made by evaluating attendance and performance records–for both Upward Bound and school. The MSU Upward Bound Program has funding to serve 102 students per year, which allows the admittance of twenty-five to thirty-five new students per year.


If you are interested in more information about Upward Bound for yourself or your child, please fill out the Interested Student Form.