The Upward Bound curriculum aims to provide its students with a holistic experience by providing the following services during the academic school year.


Academic Advising: one-on-one discussions with a staff advisor to create and assess a performance plan, as well as review and revise a plan with high school support staff.

Individual Counseling: participate in program counseling assessment, and complete counseling sessions based on social development needs, risk factors, staff referrals, or community referrals.

Skills Instruction: learn and practice SQ3R reading strategies, complete online ACT prep drills, and test taking skills builders, develop rhetorical skills by completing weekly essays, participate in math and science tutoring with MSU college interns.

Community Service: complete 18 hours of staff approved, student selected service projects, and participate in online mentoring program.

Mentoring: interact one-on-one with college mentors, and visit classes with college mentors during College Buddy Day.

Cultural Enrichment: attend plays, musicals, and national speakers at Michigan State University’s Wharton Center for Performing Arts and in the local community.

Senior College Prep Workshops: visit prospective colleges, participate in on-the-spot MSU admissions session, submit a minimum of 3 college applications, complete FAFSA, attend a career fair, and submit weekly scholarship applications.

Financial Literacy: reinforce summer workshop topics, develop budgeting scenarios for home-ownership and investing, discuss opening a savings and checking account.

Careers Exploration: Career fair will take place to share information from STEM fields and other career areas.

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