“Building Capacity for Success: Community Support, Parental Involvement, Educational Achievement”

The Upward Bound Program at MSU is a federally funded program designed to help disadvantaged youths–with academic potential–develop and refine skills for post-secondary education.

The Upward Bound program at Michigan State University is part of the Trio Programs established by the U.S. congress in accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1965. For more than forty years, this federally funded program has provided academic enrichment to hundreds of high school youth in the Lansing area. These youths mainly come from low-income families and/or families in which neither parent has obtained a bachelor’s degree.

The program partners with Lansing’s Everett, Sexton, and Eastern High Schools to enroll approximately 102 Lansing area high school freshmen and sophomores, so that they may develop the academic and social skills necessary for matriculation in post-secondary education. The program provides admissions, financial aid counseling, and assistance to participants to expedite their admission to college. It also serves as a forum for university units to examine concepts and methods related to the recruitment, instruction, and motivation of disadvantaged students.

The Upward Bound program continues to expand opportunities for its students by offering experiences through a variety of programs focusing on cultural enrichment and personal growth. This includes study skills workshops, cultural field trips, study abroad opportunities, college visits, career exploration, and job shadowing experiences. In addition, it also provides programs to help parents and students navigate the financial aid process.

The Upward Bound program, in all its aspects, operates to promote the pursuit of excellence, self esteem, and knowledge.